Beneficial Bugs and Bees

Mother Nature often provides natural solutions to challenges associated with growing fruits and vegetables. These biological methods are vital to the berry growing process.

Although bugs are not always welcome visitors to home gardens and commercial farms, bees and tiny predator mites are just two of hundreds of bugs that are essential bring food to your table. Predator mites, such as persimilis or californicus, aid in natural pest control while bees are critical for properly pollinating berry plants.

Natural Pest Control

Did you know?

...persimilis mites are a natural way to rid your garden from harmful spider mite infestations, and they are a trusted method of natural pest control used by 80% of local growers in California.

...these hungry predator mites are both cost effective and beneficial because they can quickly and thoroughly clean up crops and gardens suffering from two-spotted spider mites and other damaging spider mite pests.

...natural pest control helps reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the need to use insecticides to prevent plant damage and infestation.

Bees for optimal pollination

Did you know?

...bees are the unsung heroes of gardening and farming with more than 85% of the world’s plants and 1/3 of all food we eat dependent upon their pollination.

...bees can’t work efficiently in a pesticide-ridden environment (and we don’t blame them).

...the quality of bees in your garden will ultimately affect the number of drupelets — the number of juicy little round spheres — that make up the body of a blackberry and raspberry.

...loss of habitat, pesticides and insect diseases are one of the biggest threats to bees today.

Need Some Help?


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