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Growing Berries

What makes Driscoll's berries “Only The Finest Berries?”

To find out more about how our fresh berries are delivered to you, click here.

Does Driscoll’s grow its own berries?

Driscoll's partners with independent farmers to grow Driscoll's unique varieties of berries. Many of Driscoll's independent farmers have been growing for us for several decades and generations.

Where does Driscoll’s grow their berries?

The majority of Driscoll’s berries are grown in the United States, with California being the largest growing region. To find out more about the exact locations where our berries are grown, click here.

How can I find out where the berries I purchased were grown?

To learn more about where your berries are grown, read more about Where We Grow.

Does Driscoll’s offer organically grown berries?

Driscoll’s is a leading supplier of organic strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Driscoll’s organic berries are grown by independent farmers whose growing and handling operations are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) accredited certifying agency.

How are Driscoll’s berries harvested?

All of our berries are hand-picked and field-packed, with the exception of blueberries which are sometimes picked using harvesting machines and/or packed in packing facilities.

Why does Driscoll’s grow in countries outside of the US?

In order to meet our consumer's year round demand, we grow berries both in the US and in other countries. All of our independent farmers, no matter what country they grow our berries in, must adhere to our very strict growing policies set forth by the USDA and FDA.

Why doesn’t Driscoll’s grow only organic berries?

Driscoll's is the largest producer of organic berries and will continue to offer a choice to consumers based on preference. We plan to expand our organic program while still offering a conventional option.

Does Driscoll’s grow hydroponic crops?

Driscoll's does not currently grow hydroponic, aquaponic or aeroponic crops. Driscoll's supply comes from both in-ground production and containerized production which is very distinct from hydroponics which is a water-based production system.

Are Driscoll’s berries fumigated with Methyl Bromide?

The use of Methyl Bromide is strictly prohibited in all production fields. The use of Methyl Bromide as a pre-plant fumigant at the nursery level is being phased out as we advance new nursery innovation practices.

About Our Berries

Where can I buy Driscoll’s berries?

Driscoll's berries can be purchased at most large chain supermarkets and club stores throughout the United States and Canada. We encourage you to contact the store first to confirm that the berries you want are available and in stock. Many factors including weather can affect berry availability. For a list of stores, visit Where to Buy.

What types of berries does Driscoll’s offer?

Driscoll's offers year-round organic and conventionally grown berries, including strawberries, long stem strawberries, red and sunshine raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

What should I look for when selecting berries at the grocery store?

Each berry has different characteristics you should look for when selecting only the freshest and most delicious berries. For detailed information about how to choose the best berries, visit our Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry pages.

Do berries continue to ripen after they've been harvested?

No, berries don't continue to ripen after they've been harvested.

What is the best way to store berries after I purchase them?

All fresh berries are highly perishable and we recommend that you refrigerate them in their clamshell package at all times until eaten or used as an ingredient. Refrigeration will extend their freshness and shelf life.

Do I need to wash my berries before I use them?

As with all fresh produce, we recommend that you wash your berries before enjoying them. However, you should never wash your berries until just before you are ready to eat or use them as the moisture will decrease their shelf life.

Can I freeze my fresh berries?

Yes, fresh berries can be easily frozen and enjoyed until you are ready to use them. Here are some helpful tips about freezing berries.

  • Strawberries: Wash your strawberries carefully in cold water and pat dry. Remove the stems and any soft spots. Pack the berries into freezable containers or freeze them on a cookie sheet and then pack them into containers as soon as they are frozen. Seal the container and keep frozen until you are ready to use them.
  • Raspberries & Blackberries: Raspberries and blackberries are very fragile and very sensitive to freeze damage. To freeze raspberries and blackberries rinse them gently in cool water then allow them to dry in a colander or on paper towels. Place a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet then place the berries in the freezer. After the berries are frozen, pack them into sealed containers until you’re ready to use them. By freezing the berries this way, they won’t stick to each other and allows you to easily measure out just what you need when you’re ready to use them.
  • Blueberries: If you plan to freeze your blueberries, don’t wash them before freezing, which can make their skins tough. Instead, pack your blueberries into freezable containers or freeze them on a cookie sheet and then pack them into containers as soon as they are frozen. Seal the container and keep frozen until you’re ready to use them. Be sure to wash the thawed blueberries prior to use.

Why do you not have a ‘best used by’ date on your berry packages?

Driscoll’s has a strict Quality Assurance Program in place from the field through harvest and distribution. We work hand-in-hand with our distribution and retail partners to make certain the berries you purchase are of the highest quality. Many factors can affect the shelf life of our berries. The location of the farm, weather, growing practices and the type of plant can all affect the freshness of the berry. Due to these varying factors, a ‘best used by’ date isn’t applied. We recommend consuming the berries soon after purchase. For more information on how to care for and handle our berries, please visit our Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry pages.

What berry varieties do you grow?

Driscoll’s has several different patented varieties of all its berry types. Our independent farmers do not harvest of pack by variety, nor are the varieties listed on our labels.

Driscoll’s Careers

Does Driscoll’s currently have any job openings?

Driscoll’s is presently accepting applications for our job openings. To view a listing of our current opportunities, visit the Careers section of our website and click on Career Opportunities. If you find a job opportunity that you’re interested in, we recommend submitting your application and résumé online.

How can I submit my résumé for a job posting?

Go to the Careers page and click on Career Opportunities. Select the opening that’s of interest to you and proceed to follow the instructions for submitting your résumé and application online. If you prefer, you can submit your résumé for general consideration and not apply for a listed specific position. To do this, you’ll need to click on the General Application link.

How do I add a cover letter?

If you would like to add a cover letter or additional information, use the “Cover Letter” field on the online application to attach this information.

How do I know my résumé has been received?

When applying online, once you’ve clicked the “Send" button at the end of the form, you should receive an email with the subject: “thank you for your interest in Driscoll’s”. If you don’t receive this message, we haven’t received your application and/or résumé.

Does Driscoll’s perform a background check as part of the interview process?

Yes. Driscoll’s will always conduct a background check as a condition of new employment.

How long before I hear back on my interviews?

Your recruiter will be in contact with you throughout the interview process and will help with explaining the interview process and timing.

How do I contact Human Resources if I have a question about a career opportunity or a résumé I have submitted?

Please click on our Learn More link for more information about our employment and application process. If you can’t find the career-related answer you’re looking for, email us at

Food Safety

Does Driscoll’s have a Global Food Safety Program?

Driscoll’s has a stringent International Food Safety program in place. Our program ensures that our berries are produced with the highest standards of safety regardless of where they are grown. Driscoll’s has imposed upon itself and the independent farmers who grow Driscoll’s berries, a comprehensive program of third-party audits, product testing, and grower education. To validate the program, audits are performed around the world for food safety, environmental welfare, and the fair and ethical treatment of workers.  Independent third party audits are performed around the world to validate food safety systems on all ranches.

Does Driscoll’s add color or artificially enhance/sweeten its berries?

No, Driscoll’s berries are naturally sweet, flavorful and beautiful looking. Driscoll’s mission is to continually delight our berry consumers by providing “Only the Finest Berries.” Our patented berry varieties come from years of breeding to naturally produce the best tasting berry for our consumers.

Are Driscoll’s berries genetically modified (GMO)?

All of our berries, both conventional and organic, are non-GMO. Driscoll's Research and Development department is the industry leader in the development of premium berry plants that utilize only proven natural and traditional breeding processes.

Does Driscoll’s use pesticides?

Driscoll’s primary concern is for the wholesomeness of our product and the safety of berry consumers. For this reason, any pesticide used must be in compliance with federal and state laws, and must comply with the registration policies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). They must also be within the legal tolerances enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). To reduce the use of pesticides, Driscoll’s independent farmers use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method, which uses a combination of natural and synthetic means to reduce disease and control pests.

Are any of Driscoll’s berries irradiated?

Irradiation is a process that preserves food by using a low dose of high energy gamma rays to kill any germs and insects, thus slowing the maturation process and extending shelf life. Driscoll’s does not use irradiation because we believe our harvest and cooling processes are highly effective in maintaining fruit quality and shelf life.

How do I know if berries grown outside the U.S. are safe to eat?

Driscoll's has a stringent Global Food Safety program in place. Our Global Food Safety program ensures that our berries are produced with the highest standards of safety regardless of where they’re grown. The independent farmers who grow Driscoll's berries must strictly adhere to our Food Safety program. To ensure compliance, Driscoll's conducts over 2,500 audits annually at fields, packing houses and coolers.

Do berry harvesters use latex gloves?


Nutrition Facts

What are the nutritional benefits and calories of berries?

Driscoll’s berries are some of the most delicious, nutritious, disease-fighting fruits you can eat. With their high antioxidant levels, berries are also considered superfoods because their health benefits may help the body fight off disease and slow the effects of aging. Berries are also high in vitamins and low in calories, so they’re a perfect fruit to include in your daily diet. For more information about the health benefits of Driscoll’s berries, visit our Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry pages.

What makes berries so healthy?

Each variety of berry has its own unique nutritional values and functional benefits. Supercharge your diet and maximize berry health benefits by enjoying the entire berry patch. To learn more about the nutrition profile of our berries, visit our Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry nutrition pages.

Other Questions

Are Driscoll’s packages recyclable?

Our containers are PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate. Recyclability varies widely by location. Contact your local recycler or visit this website to find out if you can recycle our clamshells:
A priority for Driscoll’s is decreasing the environmental impact of our plastic packaging. To accomplish this, we’re seeking to increase the recyclability of our clamshells. The ultimate goal is to bring the clamshells back into our supply chain to make new ones. We’re working hard in partnership with the Association of Plastic Recyclers and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) to achieve this goal and others when it comes to more sustainable packaging. Since we are the leaders in fresh produce, it’s our responsibility, in partnership with the entire industry, to find scalable solutions. To learn more about our approach to more sustainable packaging, click here.

Can Driscoll’s ship directly to the consumer?

Driscoll’s doesn’t sell or ship berries direct to consumers. You can find our premium berries in grocery and club stores around the country. Please visit Where to Buy to find a list of retailers that carry Driscoll’s berries throughout the year.

Does Driscoll’s sell their berry plants?

Because Driscoll’s unique variety of plants are patented, our plants and seeds are not for sale and can’t be grown by anyone other than our independent farming partners.

What should I do if my Driscoll’s coupon expired before I redeemed it?

All Driscoll’s Consumer Advisory Panel coupons have a 30-day expiration date from their date of printing. Once past the printed date, the coupon is no longer valid and cannot be redeemed. Coupons are not eligible for replacement. Please reference the expiration date on the voucher to find the void date.

Where can I find information on how Driscoll’s treats its Farm Workers?

To learn more about our commitment to Worker Welfare, please read about our standards here:

Does Driscoll’s have a Fair Trade Program?

Please learn about our Fair Trade Program here: