One Family, One Earth

Driscoll's partners with growers, harvesters, and grocers worldwide, treating them as family. We grow with harmony between our family-owned company and the ecosystems that sustain us.

Driscoll's Presents

The Grower

The Art of Growing

We can learn to grow better working together. From multi-generational growers to first-time growers, we foster the exchange of ideas and innovations that boost biodiversity, opportunity, and sustainability.

About 85% of Driscoll’s revenue goes back to independent farms.

Driscoll's Presents

The Harvester

Thriving Workforce

You can’t look after the land without looking after the people who work on it. That’s why we help to ensure our berries can be grown and harvested in a way that’s respectful and creates opportunities.

“We give it our all to provide a better future for our children.” - Zenaida

Driscoll's Presents

Making Waves

Environmental Stewardship

We want to be part of a future where resources are managed responsibly, working with the land, not against it. We support innovations and sustainable practices that protect the long-term viability of agriculture and the berries we all love.

"The groundwater levels have dropped and will continue to drop, so directionally we have to adjust now. A single approach isn't going to get it done." - Miles Reiter

Driscoll's Presents

Field Among Fields

Vibrant Communities

Wherever we grow berries, we grow the strength of our communities. We invest in local health and education programs, and safeguard vital spaces that promote the social and physical wellness of everyone.

Since 2016 Driscoll’s has given over $1.3M in grants and supported over 400 organizations.
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