Together in the Kitchen: Making Memories through Making Food

family cooking together
 Ask any American what their favorite meal is and you’re likely to hear a fond and sentimental “Thanksgiving dinner!” as your answer. An annual American meal that goes beyond the boundaries of any regular sit-down dinner, Thanksgiving is one of the most memorable meals of the year. Aside from delicious dishes, meaningful moments and spirited conversation, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the preparation and how it can bring families together. What’s more? Making delightful recipes—both sweet and savory!—with Driscoll’s berries makes ordinary moments (and ordinary dishes) more special.
You may be thinking: “But I like to work solo in the kitchen!” And sure, we understand that sometimes, it’s just easier to do things your own way. But when families take the extra time and make the extra messes to cook, bake (and clean!) together, the bonding, learning opportunities, and the memorable fun make up for the additional time spent.  

Double chocolate mousse tartlets with raspberries

The kitchen is a great place for kids to learn skills of all kinds, including practical kitchen know-how that will last a lifetime, like how to whisk the mousse for our delightful Double Chocolate Mousse Tartlets with Raspberries, which combines rich chocolate with the bright burst of our raspberries; or how to strain the silky blackberry puree in our luscious Swirled Blackberry Cheesecake, a decadent dessert that dresses up traditional cheesecake with jewel-tone blackberries; or how to gently toss delicate raspberries with sugar and vanilla for our Mini Raspberry Pies, which are a portable (and tasty!) way to share the berry joy. 

Swirled blackberry cheesecake with blackberries on top

Beyond savvy cooking skills, the kitchen teaches kids life skills that are applicable inside and outside of the kitchen, like planning and organizing the ingredients for our Roasted Butternut Squash with Raspberries, which adds a healthy and flavorful option to the Thanksgiving table; or problem-solving when you need a quick buttermilk substitute for our Raspberry Galette, a rustic tart bursting with sweet raspberries; or the teamwork it takes to create our festive and fun “Pear” of Berry Turkeys, the perfect autumnal table centerpiece (or snack). 

Turkeys made out of pears and berries

And the learning opportunities don’t end with kids. A recent survey showed that 92 percent of Americans with significant others believe that home-cooked meals help to connect partners. Moreover, 78 percent of the same respondents believe that couples who cook together, stay together. 
We invite you to put these statistics to the test. Pair up with your partner to make our savory Blackberry and Bacon Caramelized Tartlets, which combine savory bacon and melty cheese with sweet, juicy berries; or tag-team the steps for our Baked Brie with Honeyed Raspberries and Pistachios, a rich and savory appetizer that’s as pretty as it is delicious; or roll up your sleeves together for our creamy Mascarpone Dip with Basil Blackberries, a sophisticated spread that unites creamy mascarpone with the zing of blackberries and balsamic. Whether you’re going to a festive Friendsgiving or spending time with your combined families, cooking and baking together with Driscoll’s finest berries will strengthen your bond and create lasting memories (and halve your clean-up time). 

Small blackberry and bacon caramelized onion tartlets

This Thanksgiving, we invite home cooks everywhere to slow down the daily hustle-and-bustle, foster a sense of togetherness in the kitchen, and enjoy the dynamics of planning, problem-solving, and teamwork by cooking together with Driscoll’s berries. We’ve curated a collection of delightful Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to make lasting memories and brighten up your annual celebration with our finest berries. Love what you made or want to offer tips and tricks to other home cooks? Be sure to leave a review on the recipe to share what you loved, what you learned, and how sharing the berry joy made Thanksgiving more memorable.