The Bold & The Blue-tiful: Blueberry Grazing Boards

Savor the Sweetness of the Season

Filled with plump Driscoll’s blueberries, delicious sweet-and-savory nibbles, and a rainbow of colors, grazing boards are the perfect centerpiece for your next get-together with family and friends. While your guests get to snack, sip, and savor time together, you get to keep the cooking to a minimum. We’d call that a win-win that delivers on the Sweetness Worth Sharing™️. 


Every patented variety of Driscoll’s blueberries has its own unique characteristics and personality—and they all meet our incredibly high standards. Adding Driscoll’s blueberries to this classic grazing board provides a pop of color and a boost of flavor that all of your guests are sure to love.

Styling or Pairing Tips:: Indulge your inner artist with boldly contrasting colors and textures on this grazing board—think crumbly Parmesan, silky Brie, folded slices of prosciutto, crunchy pecans, and piles of poppable blueberries. Separate moist ingredients like pickles and dips using small ramekins for added height and visual appeal.

Substitutions : Kalamata olives, Gorgonzola cheese, Calabrese salami, dried figs, sliced ciabatta. 

Sweetest Batch™️ Blueberries Grazing Box 

Grown on a small scale and packed with incredible flavor, Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™️ Blueberries deliver a pop of jewel-toned color and classic blueberry taste. With a hand-packed grazing box featuring our Sweetest Batch™️ Blueberries, you can deliver a sweet surprise to the blueberry lover in your life.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Don't forget the gifting elements that make this box really shine. Add a small jar of honey and a mini honey dipper or a small container with a savory spread and a pretty serving spoon. 

Substitutions: Manchego, gorgonzola, salted walnuts, toasted hazelnuts, dried cherries, dried dates.

Game Day Grazing Board

Whether you’re hosting friends for the big game or you’re feeding a crowd after practice, a game day grazing board is the perfect way to serve up some serious snacks without spending hours over the stove. Driscoll’s blueberries add just the right amount of sweetness to this hearty grazing board.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Add extra game-day flair with bold additions like spicy meatballs or sweet & spicy chicken wings. To mitigate the mess, put saucy ingredients into small serving bowls or platters. 

Substitutions: On this board, pretzel chips and pretzel bites add an extra crunch that plays up the other hearty ingredients. Don’t be bashful—go bold!

Jarcuterie Grazing Jars

With layers of sweet Driscoll’s berries, crunchy nuts, and classic grazing board ingredients, grazing jars are the perfect way to enjoy the Sweetness Worth Sharing™️ in personalized portions. Channel your inner food stylist to design your snackable jars in a unique and creative way.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Start with smaller ingredients like berries and nuts for the base of the jar, then creatively arrange larger items like pretzel rods, cheese cubes, breadsticks, and mini brie wheels on top. For even more visual appeal, nestle skewers stacked with smaller ingredients into the other ingredients.

Substitutions: If you have extra time, consider adding handmade cheddar sticks using store-bought puff pastry and shredded cheddar cheese, or slice your own cheese sticks using your favorite hard cheese from the cheese counter.