Strawberry Shortcake & Sisters

 When I was growing up the oldest of 10 children you couldn’t have told me that one day I would find my siblings anything more than annoying. We shared everything, fought over everything, and got in each other’s way all. Of. the. Time. Most days I found it to be my burden in life to tolerate my many siblings being in my space daily.

And then, as seems to happen, we grew older. Many of us went our own ways and created our own lives. We live in different towns, we have families of our own, and they certainly aren’t in my space regularly. 

In fact, now I have come to value my siblings and the time I have with them. Particularly my sisters. Now, my brothers are great and I love each of them dearly. But there is something special about having 5 sisters. Something that the young version of myself just couldn’t quite see. My adult self now grabs those moments and makes the most of them. As if they won’t happen again.


This Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail is something I make with my sisters on special moments. We celebrate new jobs, new special someone’s, and homes. We also cry about old jobs, old special someone’s, and old hurts. This cocktail has been there for us many a time for many a reason.

It might be the perfect mixture of sweet strawberries, ice cream, and alcohol that does the trick. Ice cream is, after all, the cure-all. Or so they say. But, we have found that adding the alcohol helps with the hurting moments. The sweet, fresh strawberries are bright and the new moments. Each ingredient contributes to make this cocktail part of our sister story. 

In fact, this cocktail is a clue to the rest of our families that something is going down. If the ice cream, strawberries, and alcohol are coming out it is best to be wary and give us room until you hear a giggle or laugh.

Driscoll’s strawberries are the only strawberries we use in our homes. The company is full of history, like our family. And, they are naturally grown (like us, totally cheesy! ;)) and nutritious strawberries. Truthfully, naturally grown products are important to our family. We want to take good care of ourselves and each other, so we can enjoy many more moments in the future. Hopefully all good ones!