Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™: Unique Driscoll's Berries Bursting With Flavor

Rose All Day

One look at Driscoll’s beautiful Rosé Strawberries™ is all it takes: Their blushing pastel hue lets you know you’re about to enjoy something extra special — and extra delicious. The launch of these berries took the internet (and grocery stores!) by storm in summer 2019, and berry fans around the country shared how much they loved the bright, sparkling flavor of Rosé Berries.

The uniqueness of our Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ doesn’t stop at their color — it’s their flavor that truly sets them apart. Let’s look at each Rosé Berry™ and pinpoint what makes them so special.

A strawberry on the vine.

What makes Driscoll’s Rosé Strawberries™ a special type of fruit?

Our Rosé Strawberries™ have been in the works for almost two decades. Behind the scenes, our Joy Makers have been working tirelessly through traditional cross-pollination techniques, research, and consumer testing panels to dial in the berries’ bright, sparkling flavor and soft, creamy texture. What began as a super-delicate and virtually unshippable strawberry has evolved into the distinctive Rosé Strawberries™ you see in select stores today.

Descending from one of the oldest existing strawberry varieties (dating back to the 1700s!), our Rosé Strawberries™ are characterized by their flavor and color. Their unique combination of sweet and acidic notes delivers a sweet-tart flavor that’s truly irresistible, with peachy and pineapple-y aromas. As one of the juiciest strawberries around, our Rosé Strawberries™ have a soft, creamy texture that essentially melts in your mouth. With the combination of an eye-catching color and a superior taste and texture, Driscoll’s Rosé Strawberries™ are one of the most unique fruits you’ll find on select store shelves.

Raspberries on the vine.

What makes Driscoll’s Rosé Raspberries™ a special type of fruit?

Alongside our Rosé Strawberries™, you may find sweet jewels of a similar color: Driscoll’s Rosé Raspberries™. Much like the Rosé Strawberries™, our Joy Makers have been working hard to dial in the appearance and flavor of our Rosé Raspberries™ for almost 20 years. Descending from a wild species of raspberry, the Rosé Raspberries™ have evolved naturally through the hard work and dedication of our Joy Makers. Using traditional methods of plant breeding, our Joy Makers work with what nature provides — and improves on its traits.

Showcasing the colors of a beautiful sunrise — peach, rose, orange and yellow — these beautiful berries taste as unique as they look. Straying from the traditional flavor profiles of a red raspberry, Rosé Raspberries™ deliver notes of peach, banana and other tropical fruits.


We know you’ve got questions — and we’ve got answers. Here are the FAQs about our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries:

Where can I buy Rosé Berries™?

Because of these berries’ unique characteristics, Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ are limited in quantity and distribution. We always recommend a quick call to your grocer to check on their availability before heading to the store. For a full list of our retailers, check out our Where to Buy page.

Are my Rosé Berries™ unripe?

Absolutely not — we pinkie promise. These berries are naturally a lighter color, and they turn a beautiful shade of blushing pink in the sunshine. For a more scientific explanation, there’s a natural mutation that occurs in these berries that removes the presence of anthocyanin, the flavonoid compound that gives berries their color. The absence of anthocyanin makes our Rosé Berries™ naturally lighter in color — and naturally brighter in flavor.

Are Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ unique to Driscoll’s? 

You betcha. All of our berry varieties are patented and unique to Driscoll’s. Learn more about the hard work that goes into developing Driscoll’s exclusive berry varieties.

How do I care for my Rosé Strawberries™? How do I care for my Rosé Raspberries™? 

Our sweet and delicate Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ require extra-special care. As soon as you get home from the store, we recommend refrigerating them between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Because they’re softer and more tender than our legacy strawberries and raspberries, they have a shorter shelf life. See a little bronzing on their skin? No biggie — they’re extra delicate, and it’s a natural result of the harvesting and packing process and won’t affect their flavor. We recommend enjoying them between one and two days from purchase — just a quick rinse under cool water before snacking is all you need.

What recipes pair well with Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™?

Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ have that melt-in-your-mouth quality that is perfect on its own, but that’s not to say they aren’t equally delicious when combined with a few more ingredients. Flavor experts gave us exclusive wine and cheese pairings that will make the flavor notes of Rosé Strawberries sing. If you’re looking for more recipes to enjoy throughout your day, try Rosé Strawberry Toast Recipe, Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Cocktail, Beef Tataki Recipe with Rosé Strawberries or Homemade Rosé Strawberry Ice Cream. Simply topping your favorite yogurt or breakfast with Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ can also be delicious.

There’s no doubt about it: These unique fruits are popular! We hear from berry lovers around the world who want to get their hands on these blushing beauties. But, as with many specialty fruits, the supply doesn’t often meet the demand. These berry varieties have a lower yield than our conventional strawberries and raspberries, meaning the plants don’t produce as many berries — making them even more exclusive and even more special.

It goes without saying, every Driscoll’s berry that hits grocery store shelves is a premium berry. When we say we deliver you Only the Finest Berries™, we mean it. But very rarely, a unique variety comes along that’s so special, so captivating — and so tasty! — that we can’t help but set it apart from the rest. Our Rosé Strawberries™ and Rosé Raspberries™ are another way we can deliver you the Sweetness that’s Worth Sharing.