A Guide to Berry Flavor Pairings

Driscoll's Teams Up with Flavor Experts To Tell Us What They Think of Driscoll's Rose Berries™ and Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries
At Driscoll’s, we believe that the simple act of sharing food with one another creates a positive change in perspective and has the power to bring us a little closer together. And what can be easier to share and enjoy than fresh, flavorful berries? 
It’s that focus on flavor that has fueled our team of Joy Makers to develop a new series of Sweetest Batch™ and Rose Berries™ that are each characterized by their own signature flavor profiles, aromas, and even appearance. 
As we prepared for our summer launch of our new signature Sweetest Batch™ and Rose Berries™, we consulted distinguished San Francisco chefs, Master Sommeliers and wine professionals — some of the foremost experts in the art and science of flavor. We asked them to share tasting notes and reactions to each berry and to share their wine and food pairing recommendations. 


Text + Photos by Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast Via the FeedFeed

Sweetest Batch™ & Rosé  Berries™ + Pairings

Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ & Rosé  Berries™

Our Sweetest Batch™ & Rosé  Berries™ bring natural and one-of-a-kind flavors to your one-of-a-kind moments. They’re a special treat that changes with the changing seasons, so enjoy them while you can.

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Limited Edition Strawberries and raspberries 

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