9 Simple & Kid Friendly Comfort Food Recipes Shared by Influencers

Chocolate overnight oats with fresh Driscoll's raspberries on top
These days, we’re spending a lot of time at home—and even more time in the kitchen. To bring you extra inspiration for the more challenging moments, we’ve gathered some of our favorite #BerryTogether comfort food recipes from foodie influencers on Instagram. Using pantry staples, easily sourced ingredients, and focusing on kid-friendly steps, these delightful berry recipes are ones that will help pass the time and make new memories together. 
Berry and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries
Fast, fresh and fruity, these Berry and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries offer the perfect chance for your kiddos to roll up their sleeves in the kitchen. Using store-bought puff pastry and a few other easily found ingredients, this quick and easy breakfast option adds a little extra flair to your morning routine. Get the recipe > 
pancakes as the tortilla and fresh berries as the filling
Pantry staples are popular in many breakfast recipes lately, and this delightful take on tacos is no exception. Using (vegan!) pancakes as the tortilla and fresh berries as the filling, these sweet breakfast tacos are a fun way to make the mornings brighter. Want a little more in your break-fast taco? Think of adding your favorite nut butter or yogurt. Get the recipe >  
chocolate chia pudding  with raspberries
Emily recently let us in on a little secret: sometimes, she eats chocolate for breakfast. In this chocolate chia pudding recipe, Emily adds pantry staples like cocoa powder, maple syrup and vanilla extract to turn a healthy snack into something more decadent. Whether it’s for breakfast or dessert, Emily loves to top it with a heap of raspberries, just for good measure. Get the recipe > 
Bread with fresh Driscoll's berries in it
These days, Brian is whipping up a lot of banana bread in his test kitchen. A recent favorite? Blueberry-Almond Banana Bread. Packed with fresh blueberries, crunchy almonds and sweet bananas, this quick and easy banana bread recipe uses easy-to-find pantry staples and readily available ingredients you’re likely to have at home. Get the recipe > 
fresh blackberry muffin
There’s nothing much like a fresh blackberry muffin, right out of the oven. Crispy on the top, pil-lowy on the inside, and studded with fresh blackberries, these blackberry muffins are one of the classic comfort food recipes. Of course, you can add your favorite berries to suit your taste, and you can certainly eat more than one—your secret’s safe with us. Get the recipe >  
sweet and savory berry gallete
With fewer steps and less fuss, think of a galette as a rustic version of a pie. In this sweet-meets-savory version by Tara Moore of Modern Crumb, fresh strawberries are scented with sweet basil and tucked inside a flaky pie crust. Using pantry staples and a few fresh ingredients, this is one simple dessert the whole family will enjoy. Get the recipe > 
Mixed Berry Smoothie
There’s a lot to love about a satisfying smoothie, especially when it delivers immune-boosting benefits. Emilee of Cate & Co. Kitchen shared this superfood smoothie, saying, “I give my boys this smoothie every single day either for breakfast or after school and I swear it’s been huge in keeping them healthy.” If you save a little for yourself, we won’t tell. Get the recipe > 
Blackberry orange vanilla pound cake
In our book, the word “comfort” is essentially synonymous with “cake”, and this Blackberry orange vanilla pound cake from Laura at Tutti Dolci is no exception. Featuring a ribbon of black-berry preserves and fresh blackberries, this classic pound cake recipe gets an instant upgrade. Laura also lets us in on a few baking secrets, including room temperature ingredients, how to properly swirl, and other invaluable insights. Get the recipe > 
Cups of Driscoll's berries with whipped cream
We know you’re hearing it a lot these days: “Can I have a snack?” It’s in those moments when you’re looking for something quick and simple. With fresh berries and your creamy topping of choice, these Healthy Berries n’ Cream Cups from Heather at Happy Kids Kitchen are as easy as it gets. If you’ve got ‘em, add sprinkles from your pantry for extra festive fun. Get the recipe > 
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