10 Christmas Blackberry Recipes for a Berry Happy Holiday

Blackberry Drinks and Friends
As we head into the holiday season, Driscoll’s blackberries are in bountiful abundance, making it the perfect time of year to enjoy these majestic black diamonds in sweet holiday treats, savory party bites, and even celebratory sips for kids and adults alike.  
Before we dive into our recipes, here’s a handful of delightful blackberry facts to boost your know-how and tempt your tastebuds. Blackberries are an edible fruit from the Rosaceae family, which also includes almonds, plums, and cherries. Botanically, a blackberry isn’t considered a true berry; it’s an aggregate fruit, composed of small drupelets. From plant doctors to berry breeders and taste-testers, our team of Joy Makers works hard to create only the finest berries. Through our research programs, we can align our proprietary berry varieties with consumer feedback to naturally breed the best-tasting berries. And once our plants are in the hands of our expert independent growers, Driscoll’s blackberries are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, when they’re juicy, sweet, and perfectly sun-ripened.
Ready to roll up your sleeves and put your kitchen gadgets to work? From party-ready appies to dessert table delights, we’ve gathered a list of ten must-try blackberry recipes for your holiday season.
Mascarpone Dip with Basil Blackberries: Oh, mascarpone, how we love thee. With its ultra-creamy texture and mild, buttery flavor, mascarpone cheese creates the perfect base on which to build this sweet-meets-savory appetizer. Finished with tangy balsamic vinegar, fragrant fresh basil, sweet brown sugar, and our plump blackberries, this rustic spread makes a welcome plus-one at any holiday party. 

Mascarpone dip with basil blackberries

Blackberry Hot Toddy: Feeling overwhelmed by the holiday frenzy? We’ve got just the cure. Our Blackberry Hot Toddy recipe embraces the classic wintertime cocktail, adding extra sweetness with fresh muddled blackberries. Bourbon is the tipple of choice here, but if rum’s more your thing, that works just as well, too. Once your cocktail is prepped, we invite you to put your feet up by the fireplace and relax with this boozy bevy. (Pro-tip: Making one for the kiddos? Simply omit the alcohol for a sweet mocktail sip.) 

Two glasses of blackberry hot toddy

Swirled Blackberry Cheesecake: Meet the ultimate in decadent holiday desserts! With blackberries in abundance this time of year, their sweet flavor shines through in this beautiful and delicious cheesecake. Featuring a crumbly chocolate crust and a splash of blackberry liqueur for a more intense flavor, the deep blackberry notes in this recipe dress up an otherwise classic cheesecake.

Swirled blackberry cheesecake with blackberries on top

Blackberry Pecan Cinnamon Rolls: There’s nothing better than waking up to homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. We’ve taken a classic cinnamon roll recipe and added extra flavor with blackberries and pecans, and a sprinkle of lemon zest for a bright zip. These decadent rolls make for a holiday breakfast no one will forget any time soon (no matter how many mimosas they enjoy).

A bowl with blackberry pecan cinnamon rolls

Blackberry Swirl Almond Cookies: Whether you’re making baked gifts for friends or leaving cookies out for Santa, these delicate, buttery cookies will ensure you make this year’s nice list. A crispy almond dough is rolled with a simple, spiced blackberry filling—a holiday-inspired combination that’s sure to impress loved ones and guests. One happy baker said, “I made these for my family’s annual cookie party—I received rave reviews!”

A jar of blackberry swirl almond cookies

Blackberry Prosciutto Crostini: At any holiday gathering with family and friends, it’s good to have a variety of snacks to fit a variety of palates. In this sophisticated appetizer, bold and salty prosciutto is paired with earthy herbed goat cheese and a sweet balsamic syrup, and each piece is topped with a jewel-toned blackberry. This sweet-meets-savory appetizer is another that’s the perfect take-along for the holiday party scene.

Blackberry and prosciutto on toast

Blackberry Ravioli with Chocolate Fondue: Did someone say versatile? These sweet and cinnamony blackberry bites can be served as a light breakfast, a simple dessert, or a sweet appetizer at your holiday get-together. The addition of white wine in the pastry dough adds a depth to its flavor, and a dusting of confectioners’ sugar and rich chocolate fondue served alongside add even more delightful decadence. 

Plate of fried blackberry ravioli with chocolate fondue

Blackberry Cider: If you’re hosting a holiday soiree this year, this spiced blackberry bevy can be enjoyed by all ages! Delicious served warm or over ice, our yuletide-inspired cider combines classic apple cider with fresh blackberries, warm cinnamon, zesty orange and aromatic star anise. Want to spice up the party? Sugar your glasses’ rims and add a little rum to the mix! 

A tray with four cups of blackberry cider

Blackberry Almond Bread Pudding: Bread pudding may be a dessert known for its over-the-top richness, but the addition of fresh blackberries in this recipe helps add a burst of berry flavor. This recipe can easily be made in a casserole dish to serve a large crowd; if it’s a more intimate affair, make your holiday guests feel extra special with individual ramekin servings. Either way, this easy dessert combines simple flavors to feed a sophisticated crowd. 

Cups of blackberry almond bread pudding

Blackberry Gingerbread Sundae with Caramel Sauce: If you’re hosting out-of-towners for the holidays this year, our Blackberry Gingerbread Sundae with Caramel Sauce is the perfect way to spend an afternoon together in the kitchen. While the spiced gingerbread cake bakes in the oven, the blackberry caramel sauce comes together easily, using freshly blended blackberries and a splash of kirsch for flavor and flair.   

Blackberry gingerbread sundae with caramel sauce