Job Applicant Data Privacy

Job Applicant Data Privacy Notice
Last Update 10.4.17


This Job Applicant Data Privacy Notice (“Notice”) applies to data collected through Driscoll’s, Inc. websites (“Job Applicant Website”) from prospective employees of Driscoll’s, Inc. and its subsidiaries around the world (collectively, “Driscoll’s,” ”we,” “us,” “our”) Driscoll’s has its headquarters in Watsonville, California and information from job applicants will be processed in the United States. Driscoll’s human resources department may be reached by email at

1. Scope and Application
Applicants will use the Driscoll’s Website to create a profile and submit their resume, application, and other information to Driscoll’s human resources department.  Driscoll’s may undertake actions and/or operations (e.g., collection, use, disclosure, retention) that impact the personal data of job applicants in connection with our recruiting activities (“process”).
We may use third party service providers for these processes. In cases where third-party service providers process personal data on our behalf, the service provider is bound by written contract to process the personal data only for the purposes of providing the specific service and to maintain appropriate security measures to protect the data.

2. Driscoll’s Data Collection Guidelines
Submission of your application and related personal data is entirely voluntary. As part of the application process, Driscoll’s will collect certain personal data about you, including what you submit via application forms, on your resume, and other documents.
The personal data of job applicants will be handled as follows:
We will only collect personal data that is necessary to accomplish our recruiting processes. Such information may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, social security or other identifying number, occupation, and education level. If Driscoll’s considers your application or extends an offer of employment, we may collect certain additional information either directly from you or from third parties.
We will not seek to collect personal data known as sensitive personal data unless we need to do so to meet our obligations, address an exceptional circumstance, or exercise our rights under employment law. Sensitive personal data is specifically comprised of personal data that may include: 
Racial or ethnic origin;
Political opinions;
Religious or other similar beliefs;
Trade union membership;
Physical or mental health; or
Sexual life.
We will process personal data only if one of the following conditions is met: 
A job applicant has given consent;
We need to process personal data to evaluate the job applicant’s eligibility for employment;
We need to carry out the processing: (1) to execute, or take steps with the view of entering into, a contract with the job applicant; (2) to comply with legal obligations; or, (3) to protect the vital interests of the job applicant in a ‘life or death’ situation; or
Our legitimate interests require the processing, and those interests are not overridden by the interests or fundamental rights of the job applicant.
Through this policy, we are informing job applicants of our identity, our intended use of their personal data (which will be updated if the personal data is going to be used in any new or different way), and the possibility of international transfers and/or if that personal data is globally accessible when the personal data is collected from the job applicant directly or, as soon as reasonably feasible, when personal data is collected indirectly (i.e., from a publicly available source).
Where personal data is collected on a Driscoll’s website, we may use cookie technology to facilitate your use of our online application processes. When you visit our site, your browser automatically sends us an Internet Protocol address and certain other information, including the type of browser you use. Our cookies on this site are used solely to facilitate your online experience, and are not used to run malicious programs on your computer. Our cookies on this site expire within 24 hours. You may choose to modify your Internet browser setting to decline our cookie, but that may hinder or prevent your use of our online employment application tools. See the Driscoll’s Privacy Policy for more information. 
Your personal data will be processed and stored in the United States by Driscoll’s and our third party service providers.

3. Use of Personal Data
Driscoll’s may use your personal data to communicate with you in writing or by telephone or online, to evaluate your application, to analyze our staffing needs and practices, or otherwise to efficiently manage the Driscoll’s hiring process and employee administration. We may combine personal data with research tools and information from other sources.  We may keep records of our correspondence, responses to surveys that we distribute in which you participate, and any postings, comments or other content that you upload or post to the Driscoll’s Website.
Driscoll’s will also use and process information submitted by you for Driscoll’s internal analytics purposes in order to advance our Values and Code of Business Ethics, particularly on diversity.
4. Accuracy of Personal Data
From time to time Driscoll’s may ask you to review and update the personal data we hold about you. You may contact us at any time to request to view this information, to request that it be corrected or updated, or to request the details of parties to whom it has been made available. Please contact a human resources department representative or send an email to to discuss any such request.
5. Right to Access Your Personal Data
You have the right to access your personal data and to correct it by logging into the Website. You also have the right to receive information about the personal data gathered about you, the categories and purposes of processing of your personal data and to whom your data has been transmitted. Where it is legally required, we will provide requesting job applicants with access to their personal data that we have stored, and will give them the opportunity to correct, amend, or delete their information where it is inaccurate, except (if and to the extent permitted by applicable law) where the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to their privacy, or where the rights of persons other than the job applicants would be violated.
We are required to retain information relating to candidates applying for jobs.  Personal data of candidates will be retained in accordance with local law. If there is no activity in relation to the personal data, Driscoll’s may remove it from its database, subject to our data retention obligations and policies and any applicable legal or regulatory obligations or for the period of time permitted by local laws, for the purpose of considering whether your skills are suitable for other opportunities.  Note that we may delete personal data about you at any time (including your CV/résumé), without any reason.  Therefore, please retain your own copy of the personal data provided to us.
6. When one Driscoll’s Entity Processes Personal Data on Behalf of Another Driscoll’s Entity
If one Driscoll’s entity processes personal data on behalf of another Driscoll’s entity, the former will follow the instructions of the latter entity to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as with these principles, including the obligation to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures designed to protect the personal data. The transfer of personal data from a Driscoll’s entity in the European Union to Driscoll’s, Inc. is governed by the Privacy Shield to which Driscoll’s, Inc. shall adhere. 
7. Data Disclosures
Personal data is controlled primarily (but not exclusively) by our human resources department, and may be accessible electronically. Other staff involved in hiring, information management, or senior management may have access to some part or all of your personal data. To achieve the objectives described above, and because we are part of a larger group of entities operating internationally, we may from time to time make personal data available to other entities within our group of affiliates. Additionally, we may from time to time make personal data available to legal and regulatory authorities (such as labor and tax authorities), to our accountants, auditors, lawyers and other outside professional advisers, and to parties providing products or services to us (such as IT systems suppliers, and human resources consultants). Notwithstanding any other provision of this Notice, we may also disclose personal data to any third party when disclosure is required by law, or desirable to permit us to exercise our legal rights or take action regarding illegal activities, or to protect the safety of any person. If all or part of our company is sold, merged, or otherwise transferred to another entity, we may transfer personal data as part of that transaction.
8. Storage, Transfers, and Security of Applicant Data
We may store personal data for as long as needed for the purposes indicated in this Notice, but in any event not longer than permitted by local law from the date of collection unless you become employed by Driscoll’s, in which case a different retention period may apply. Records not specifically designated as personal data may have different retention periods (e.g., email server records of emails received or sent.) We have in place certain security measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data (such as firewalls to protect servers), but the storage and communication of personal data cannot always be completely secure. We have implemented procedures and systems that are designed to: 
Limit us from collecting excessive personal data;
Enable us to keep the personal data accurate; and
Process personal data only for the purposes specified to job applicants.

9. Changes to the Notice and Questions
This Notice supersedes and replaces any other statement we may have made to you about our collection and use of personal data related to applications for employment. We reserve the right to update and make material changes to this Notice and to our practices in handling your personal data to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Questions related to this Job Applicant Data Privacy Notice can be sent to