Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries: A Strawberry Variety Unlike Any Other

You’re at the grocery store and you’re cruising the selection of Driscoll’s berries in the produce section. You see our classic yellow-label strawberries and our organic green-label strawberries, both of which are excellent choices to add to your cart. But another label catches your eye — something red, yellow and pink, with gold accents. It says “Sweetest Batch™” in bright crimson. You, beloved berry lover, have just discovered something extra special: our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries.

What are Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries?

Specially picked at the peak of ripeness, our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries are a unique berry variety that’s hand-selected for its perfectly snackable size, well-rounded aroma and extra-sweet flavor.

What’s that mean for our berry lovers like you? They’re an exclusive, extra-premium specialty fruit that delivers an irresistible burst of strawberry flavor. Sure, they may look the same as the other strawberries in the store, but one bite will tell you these strawberries are something special. And just like the sweetest moments in life, they don’t stick around forever.

What makes Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries different from other types of strawberries?

So what makes these unique fruits so … well, unique? Let’s dive into what sets Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries apart from the rest of the strawberries out there.

It was noticeable right from the start that we had an exceptionally sweet seedling with this type of strawberry. Our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberry variety came from two very sweet parents, performing consistently higher on our flavor and sweetness scales. But with the big flavor came fewer berries — this unique strawberry variety yields about 40% less fruit than our legacy berry varieties, making their Sweetness Worth Sharing™ that much sweeter and more special.

We enlisted the help of Mother Nature to dial in the flavor and sweetness to a level you can’t find anywhere else. Traditional plant breeding has been around for centuries, and it’s the tried-and-true technique we use to bring you Only the Finest Berries™. With the help of consumer input, we studied this berry’s superior taste and extra sweetness to make sure we were consistently delivering a great product.

We ask our independent growers to treat these extra-special berries with extra-special care. One differentiator is the berry’s time on the plant: We allow these berries to spend a few extra days in the sunshine, getting sweeter and sweeter by the day. Because of their extra time on the plant, our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries turn a uniform crimson color from top to bottom.

This also means these crimson beauties are especially delicate. With a plump appearance (and higher sugar content), they have a shorter shelf life and should be enjoyed quickly, within a day or two of purchase. (But hey, we hear from our berry lovers that they’re so snackable, they don’t even make it home from the store.) Because of their delicious flavor, we recommend eating these specialty berries fresh — you can save the cooking and baking for our legacy yellow and green organic label strawberries.



We know you’ve got questions — and we’ve got answers. Here are the FAQs about our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries:

Where can I buy Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries?

Because of the berry’s unique characteristics, Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries are limited in quantity and distribution. (Hey, what can we say? They’re exclusive!) We always recommend a quick call to your grocer to check on their availability before heading to the store. For a full list of our retailers, check out our Where to Buy page.

Are Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries unique to Driscoll’s?

You betcha. All of our berry varieties are patented and unique to Driscoll’s. Check out our Life of a Berry page to learn more about the hard work that goes into developing Driscoll's exclusive berry varieties.

How do I care for my Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries?

These extra-special berries require extra-special care. As soon as you get home from the store, we recommend refrigerating them between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. And because their ripeness affects their shelf life, we recommend enjoying them between one and two days from purchase — just a quick rinse under cool water before snacking is all you need.

A piece of strawberry shortcake

What recipes pair well with Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries?

Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries are made for enjoying fresh, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sprinkled into recipes. These sweet berries are delicious in our Classic Strawberry Shortcake, Mocha Dalgona Coffee Style Dip and Stuffed Strawberries recipe. They also shine on top of any yogurt, on the side of any breakfast and on top of pancakes (especially our Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes). Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries even pair well with wines. See our pairings hand-selected by flavor experts.

Of course, all of the Driscoll’s berries you find at the grocery store are premium berries — when we say we deliver you Only the Finest Berries, we mean it. But very rarely, a unique variety comes along that’s so special — and so sweet! — that we can’t help but set it apart from the rest. Our Sweetest Batch™ Strawberries are another way we can deliver you the Sweetness that’s Worth Sharing™