Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries

An Inside Look at Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries

When you think of the perfectly sweet blueberry, what characteristics come to mind? An aromatic flavor that’s just the right mix of sweet and tart? A texture that’s pleasantly crisp and firm, allowing for that delightful pop with every bite? A deep blue color with just the right amount of bloom? For our Driscoll’s Joy Makers, the perfect blueberry is most definitely sweet—and so much more. When you try our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries, you’ll know exactly what we mean.


The Driscoll’s Joy Makers are our dedicated team of plant scientists, horticulturalists, entomologists, plant pathologists, and other berry experts who work alongside Mother Nature to naturally develop our proprietary berry varieties. Within our team, there are thousands of hours of research and strategy that go into each berry to improve and perfect the characteristics that our consumers love and our independent growers prefer.



Recently, our blueberry program has focused on a unique blueberry variety that falls into the best-of-the-best category: our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries. When our Joy Makers discovered this one-of-a-kind variety, they remarked on its super-sweet flavor, aromatic flavor profile, its unrivaled juiciness, and its superior texture.

“Of course, flavor is our number one priority,” one of our Joy Makers shared. “In this particular blueberry variety, the flavor profile stood out among the rest for its sweetness and complexity. And with texture, we want crisp, firm, and juicy berries. Appearance is another trait—we want the color, size, and uniformity of the blueberries to be similar. And then there’s shelf-life potential—how long they can last from the time they’re picked to the time our consumers are seeing them in the store, and ensuring they last a good deal longer in their home’s refrigerator.” As you can see, there’s an incredible amount of work that goes into ensuring that Driscoll’s delivers Sweetness Worth Sharing™.

With Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries, our berry-loving consumers are getting a rich, immersive eating experience that’s unrivaled in flavor, texture, and juiciness. “It’s the best of our blueberries right now,” our Joy Maker told us. “The Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries are a very special and delicious berry variety that only Driscoll’s can offer. We think our blueberry consumers will love their unique fruity flavor as much as we do.” Simply put, these blueberries are giving you more of what you love.


We get it: in the produce section, you’ve got lots of types of blueberries to pick from, and choosing the sweetest blueberry variety is important. So just how special are these Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries? Their availability period runs from Mid-Fall through Early-Spring, and they require a certain climate. This particular variety thrives in warmer days and cooler nights, so they’re grown in our southern growing areas, like Southern California, Georgia, and Central Mexico.

In addition to their limited growing season and regions, our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries must continuously meet the rigorous standards of our quality assurance teams. There is a dedicated team visits the farms to test the blueberries against our rigorous flavor standards, to make sure they’re delivering the superior eating experience that our consumers are looking for.


Below, we’re giving you answers to your top questions. Here are the FAQs about our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries.


Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries grow only in specific regions and during certain times of the year. (Yep, they’re just that special!) Because of this, they’re limited in production and availability. As always, we recommend a quick call to your grocer to check on their availability before heading to the store. We’ve got a full list of retailers for you.

Are Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries unique to Driscoll’s?

They sure are! Learn more about the hard work that goes into the development of Driscoll’s exclusive berry varieties.

How do I care for my Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries?

As with our conventional and organic blueberries, our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries are picked at the peak of ripeness and flavor. As soon as you get home from the store, we recommend refrigerating them between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Before enjoying them, we recommend a quick rinse under cool water.

Do bigger berries mean better flavor?

Some may believe that bigger means better—but that’s not the case with our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries. Our Joy Makers keep flavor a top priority, no matter the size of the berry. Whether it’s big, small, or somewhere in between, you’re always getting a superior flavor experience, no matter the size.

What recipes pair well with Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries?

Because these blueberries deliver incredible flavor, we recommend eating them fresh! Whether it’s out of the palm of your hand, on top of your favorite ice cream, or sprinkled on your morning oatmeal, the delicious flavor of our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries shines the brightest when they’re fresh. If you’re hungry for some recipe inspo, this Blueberry Chickpea Salad is a super-delish lunch idea that’s the perfect pairing for our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries.

So next time you’re at the grocery store and you spot a package of Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries, you’ll know that the plump, beautiful berries inside are the result of an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, and love from our Joy Makers to you. If you spot our Sweetest Batch™ Blueberries in the store, be sure to snap a pic, tag us at @driscollsberry, and use #SweetnessWorthSharing for a chance to be featured!