Back to School with Raspberry Smoothie Bowls

Janel (aka: NellieBellie) shares her beliefs that food has the power to create lasting memories, relationships, and moments.

 I would love to be able to say that I am a fabulous morning mom that gets up to make amazing breakfasts for her family every day. But it would be an utter and complete lie. 

It can be difficult to talk myself into doing much beyond getting caffeine and staying upright most mornings. Although I whole-heartedly believe in a good, healthy breakfast, I can't seem to find the willpower and energy to make anything beyond cereal, oatmeal, muesli, and the occasional omelet in those early morning hours. Especially when the Minnesota winter rolls around and its pitch black outside my window. 

Thank goodness for smoothie bowls! They make this mama feel like I might be able to send off my high-school son with something visually pretty, hearty, and delicious without putting down my coffee mug. Super hero mom stuff.

Why a smoothie bowl rather than a traditional smoothie is a question I am often asked. It is a valid question. And sooooo easy to answer.

This mama loves to make smoothie bowls rather than traditional smoothies to sneakily steal a few minutes with my kids every morning before they start dashing about their day. And frankly, before I start running about too. A smoothie bowl requires my teens to hold the bowl, use a spoon, and stop moving for a bit to eat it unlike a traditional smoothie that they can drink and walk quite easily.

A delicious smoothie bowl helps get our family started with the necessary, healthy breakfast AND a small moment of calm gathered at the table. We rarely talk much, just quietly drink our coffee and eat our smoothies. Sometimes, Levi just leans against the counter and chats with me while I get lunches together, dogs are taken out, or the needed second cup of coffee. In the world of high-school and college chaos, this mama finds those few moments utterly priceless!

If you haven't found the magic of pouring a smoothie into a bowl, putting pretty toppings on it, and sitting at the table for a few minutes in the morning I hope you try it. And smile a little secret Mom smile when you see the small pause in the hectic morning.

This particular smoothie recipe is a family favorite because it combines tart raspberries with sweet coconut in a simple yogurt and honey base. Frozen banana eliminates the need for ice and adds more needed nutrition for those busy days. We top ours with crunchy caramel bits, pecans or walnuts, and toasted coconut for the perfect bit of crunch. And, of course, a bit of shaved dark chocolate! It is a delicious breakfast easy to get out quickly on those busy mornings that seem to run in slow motion. 


Try Nellie Bellie's recipe yourself: Raspberry Coconut Crunch Smoothie Bowl