Gluten-Free Baking the Whole Family Can Enjoy

I started blogging in 2008 simply because I was making healthy food for my family, and I wanted to share the love. My family and I have to eat 100% gluten and dairy free for health reasons, but you would never know that my recipes are gluten and dairy free. I've catered parties and weddings where even the wheat and dairy eaters couldn't stop eating my cake! The point is that healthy food tastes amazing, and people with food restrictions never have to feel deprived.

It makes me feel good knowing that my family is eating homemade nutritious food, and I also love how cooking brings us together. I really treasure having my kids with me in the kitchen, whether they're helping or just hanging out. My two-year-old crouches down to look through the oven window-something that I remember her older sisters doing when they were her age. The older kids and I talk more when they're with me in the kitchen than any other time of day. There's just something about cooking that brings family closer.

What I love most about muffins is that they allow me to make breakfast the day before. This way I'm not cooking in the morning. That's huge! Plus making muffins in the afternoon is a great way to spend time with the kids, and muffins full of berries are the perfect healthy afternoon snack. By using different Driscoll's berries, nuts and chocolate chips in my muffins, the variations are endless.

These Blackberry Muffins with Walnut Crumble taste great, and they're good for you too. Packed with high protein almond and walnut flours, they really satisfy my family's appetite. The muffins are lightly sweetened with honey and full of juicy Driscoll's blackberries.

Driscoll's blackberries are bursting with flavor, and they're the perfect addition to these otherwise basic nut muffins. The berries really are the star of the show! To add even more dimension I created a topping of ground walnuts, coconut sugar, shortening, and cinnamon. This takes only a few minutes to do, but it makes a huge difference. The walnut crumble is a sensational topping, and it looks pretty too.

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Kelly is known for her healthy, minimally sweetened baking, and classic American and European food recipes. She is a gluten-free cookbook author, mom to three girls, and the personality behind

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