Easy Back-to-School Lunches Your Kid Will Love

For parents, filling those lunch bags every day without falling into a rut (or finding them come back uneaten at the end of the day) is one of the biggest challenges of the school year. We’re such berry fans in our house. I’ve always found that berries make a difference in what the kids are willing to eat, but how to pack them can also be challenging.

Here’s a few ideas we’ve tried — and loved:

1. Purchase tiny containers or bento-style boxes with compartments just for berries, so they won’t get squished in the kids’ lunchboxes. Get the recipe for the Berry Club Sandwich >

2. Adapt your kids’ favorite pb&j, with fresh berries instead of jelly, for an even more nutritious sandwich or snack. It also helps to let kids pick the berries, crush them with a fork over the wrap (which my son Charlie pronounced as "very satisfying"), pick any add-ins (sunflower seeds, raisins, etc.) and roll up and cut their wraps themselves. Get the recipe for the Peanut Butter and Berry Roll Ups >

3. Sneak something sweet into their lunch bags, like wonton cups filled with Nutella®, almond butter and berries, for a treat that won’t get traded. You can even have kids tuck the wonton wrappers into the muffin tins and spoon in the fillings. Get the recipe for the Berry Wonton Cups with Almond Butter and Nutella® >