Christmas Grazing & Cheese Board Ideas

With the holiday season in full swing, we’re all making plans for small gatherings and get-togethers to close out the year. Whether we’re enjoying the company of family or friends (or both!), we’re looking for ways to gather safely and meaningfully this holiday season.

And what’s the conversation-starter at the center of many kitchen counters and dinner tables? A beautiful grazing board or christmas cheese board, of course. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday grazing board ideas to spark your culinary creativity—think holiday-themed snacks, breakfast bonanzas, and sophisticated spreads.

Holiday Berry Wreath Board

Bring a burst of color and a rainbow of flavor to your upcoming holiday party with a raspberry and blackberry Wreath Board! Featuring all the grazing board classics and loads of juicy Driscoll’s berries, this holiday-inspired board is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Add extra holiday flair with the addition of fresh rosemary, fresh bay leaves, small ornaments, and decorative pine cones.

Substitutions: Stemmed radishes, purple carrots, and Mimolette cheese all add rich holiday hues. Fresh sage or small pine branches add a pop of greenery for contrast.

Raspberry Candy Cane Board

We've taken a hallmark holiday treat and turned it into a sweet-and-snackable grazing board! In this Raspberry Candy Cane Board, we’ve created stripes of red and white using piles of plump Driscoll’s raspberries, delicate meringue cookies, crispy gingerbread men, and other light-hued holiday treats.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Looking for a sweet-meets-savory affair? Substitute white cheeses, light-colored grapes, and jicama cubes for the cookies and candy. Add sprigs of fresh sage for a holiday-themed pop of color.

Substitutions: Vanilla macaroons, peppermint marshmallows, and white-chocolate dipped Oreos are other light-colored options.

Vegan Berry Chia Board

For breakfast or brunch, treat your holiday guests to a creamy Vegan Berry Chia Board! With various chia puddings and tantalizing toppings, your guest can mix and match their chia pudding with flavors and textures to suit any palate. Get creative with your breakfast toppings—but don’t forget the piles of juicy Driscoll’s berries!

Styling or Pairing Tips: Chia pudding is soft and creamy, so mix up your toppings with intriguing flavors and textures to give your guests plenty of variety. Think crunchy, toasty, chewy, and crispy things like coconut, cacao nibs, toasted nuts, mini cookies, and others. Add an extra pop of holiday color with fresh mint leaves.

Substitutions: Chia pudding not your thing? No worries! Substitute your favorite flavors of yogurt or overnight oats, which pair perfectly with loads of toppings and berries.

Christmas Tree Cheese Board

The quintessential symbol of the holidays, a Christmas tree cheese board will delight your guests with snackable flavors that celebrate the holiday spirit. Build your board using a simple triangle pattern and add the holiday styling tips below to make your Christmas tree board really shine. Your guests will undoubtedly be singing, “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, Your berries are so juicy!”

Styling or Pairing Tips: Get creative with the stripes of color and texture on this board with finger-friendly additions like mini brie wheels and chunks of parmesan. Use a star-shaped cookie cutter for slicing cheeses. Add perfectly plump berries as your tree’s “ornaments”. Tuck pine or yew sprigs into the board for a tree-like appearance.

Substitutions: Baby Bell cheeses, fig jam, agave syrup, cubed salami.

Individual Jarcuterie Grazing Jars

You say charcuterie—we say JARcuterie! Lusciously layered and delightfully decadent, charcuterie jars are the perfect way to share the sweetness with your guests with individual portions. Using all the ingredients of a traditional grazing board, you can pile, layer, and stack your guests’ snackable jars in a fun and creative way.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Fill the jars with smaller ingredients like berries and nuts, then creatively arrange larger items like cheeses, breadsticks, and crackers toward the top. Use skewers stacked with smaller ingredients like cheese cubes and berries for added visual appeal.

Substitutions: Tailor the ingredients to suit your guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences. Wondering what to give your neighbors as a holiday gift? A set of jarcuterie jars on their doorstep is a lovely gift idea!

New Year’s Grazing Board

Countdown to the New Year in a berry sweet way! This New Year's Eve grazing board is brimming with plump Driscoll's berries and celebratory snacks to ring in the New Year right.

Styling or Pairing Tips: Decorate a wheel of brie with food-safe gel to resemble a clock striking midnight. In addition to the traditional meats, cheeses, and berries, use festive candies, like gold coins and gold-foil chocolates, to amp up the NYE flair. Around the board, provide party favors like streamers, confetti, and paper horns for guests to ring in the New Year.

Substitutions: Candied pecans, manchego, calabrese, kalamata olives, hummus, Boursin spread, dried apricots, white chocolate chunks.


As you plan your holiday get-togethers, we encourage you to add a grazing board (or two!) to your lineup. Loaded with satisfying berries and other all-time favorite snacks, a holiday grazing board is the perfect way to add some shareable sweetness to your kitchen counter or dining room table. Have you put together a grazing board that really shines? Be sure to share it with us for a chance to win our Holiday Sweeps! Simply tag us on Instagram or Twitter at @driscollsberry and use #SweetnessWorthSharing, or upload your photo directly to our gallery for your chance to win.