Berry Fun Family Games

It’s true: friends and family who play together, stay together. Whether it’s a family reunion, graduation party, baby shower or any other gathering of family and friends, it’s always fun to play a few icebreaker games to get the smiles going and the laughter flowing. And when you bring fresh berries into the mix, the fun also becomes delicious! 

Here, we’ve gathered our top party games for berry lovers young and old. From water-balloon mischief to playful newlywed games and beyond, our collection of party game ideas will make your next gathering berry fun indeed. 

Water Balloon Game

Ah, summertime—it’s the season of sunshine, warm breezes, outdoor parties and outdoor games. Our all ages water balloon game puts a berry fun spin on the classic party game. Using berry-colored balloons, teams of two toss water balloons back and forth until the last team stands…or gets soaked.
Berry Water Balloon Toss Game

How to Play: 

Number of people: At least two teams of two
Items needed: As many water balloons as there are teams, plus more for backup balloons

1. Fill water balloons and tie off the tops 
2. Divide players into teams
3. With teammates facing each other, form two lines 
4. Depending on age/physical capability, begin with partners three to four feet away from each other 
5. After each successful toss, players take a step back until the balloon falls
6. The last team left with a water balloon wins!


1. Blindfold the players for an added challenge! 
2. Water balloon toss-and-catch with towels – using a towel, players catch and catapult the balloons to their teammate.
3. Balloon bucket challenge — supply each team with a small bucket of four water balloons each. See which team can get the farthest apart using the least balloons.

Fun & Easy Cleanup: Give kids another game to see whoever can pick up the most broken balloon parts.


Whipped Cream Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun party game that all ages can enjoy. But what if we turn a traditional scavenger hunt into a fun—and delicious—food game? In our Whipped Cream Scavenger Hunt, players will search through a pile of fresh whipped cream to find the hidden berry. And did we mention? No hands allowed!
Berry Whipped Cream Scavenger Hunt Game

How to Play:

1. Have a bowl for each player 
2. Place berry (or berries) at the bottom of each bowl
3. Fill bowls with whipped cream to hide the berries 
4. Without using hands, the first person to find the berry (or berries) wins! 


1. Blindfold the players for an added challenge! 

Relay Race with Berries

At your next outdoor party, incorporate food games for a great way to build teamwork, bring people together and break the ice among party-goers! Our Berry Relay Race uses chopsticks or spoons to pass delicate and delicious berries between teammates. The first team to cross the finish line wins! 
Berry Relay Race Game

How to play: 

1. Divide into teams
2. Establish a start line and a finish line 
3. Line the players up at the start line
4. Give each player a set of chopsticks or a spoon and a berry to hold in the chopsticks or spoon
5. Carrying the berry in the chopsticks or spoon, the players must make it to the finish line and back before handing the berry off the next teammate
6. Once players arrive at the finish line, have them sit down
7. The first team with all players seated wins!


Newlywed Game

A favorite color, a favorite movie, and—of course—a favorite berry. These are probably the things we know about our spouses, partners, siblings, and besties. Want to put your knowledge to the test? Our newlywed game questions are a fun way to break the ice and share the berry joy!

Eating strawberries with dad 

Newlywed Game questions:

1. Which berries are your partner’s all-time favorite berry: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries?
2. It’s your partner’s birthday, and you give them a choice of strawberry shortcake or blackberry cob-bler to celebrate. Which berry dessert does your partner choose?
3. Which berry best describes the personality of your partner?
4. Caught red-handed! In the kitchen, you spy your partner eating fresh berries right out of the clam-shell. What kind of berry is your partner sneaking?
5. Which berry does your partner use most frequently while cooking?
6. It’s New Year’s Eve, and you and your partner are toasting to the New Year. What kind of berry does your partner drop into your glass of bubbly?
7. You and your partner go out for froyo. What kind of berry does your partner pile into their cup? 
8. If your partner was making a fruit salad, which berry would they throw in the mix?
9. You and your partner are going on a picnic. What kind of berry would your partner bring along to snack on?



Guess the Number of Berries

We’ve all played the guessing game where we guess the number of jelly beans in a jar—fun, right? We’ve taken the classic party guessing game and given it a delicious, healthy twist with berries! In this fun party game, players will guess the number of berries in a bowl or jar, and whoever’s closest wins the berries as a prize! 
Berry Game How Many Berries

How to Play: 

1. Place a large number of berries in a bowl, making sure to count them beforehand 
2. Next to the bowl of berries, place a pile of blank pieces of paper, pencils, and an empty bowl for the entries
3. Participants write their name and guess on a blank piece of paper and place it in the empty bowl
4. Have a designated person tally the results 
5. Whoever’s guess is the closest gets to take the berries home!

We hope you’ll find our BerryTogether party games a fun addition to your next outdoor get-together. Modifications for different age ranges are always encouraged. Want a chance for your fun berry-themed games to be featured? Be sure to post your party game pics and tag us with #BerryTogether for a chance to be showcased!