Berry Big Strawberry Recipes

We're introducing a bigger-sized strawberry that's perfect for everyday snacking—meet the Berry Big Strawberry! Dip it, decorate it or slice it for a delightful topping. With the same great delicious Driscoll’s flavor, this specialty fruit gives you multiple bites from just one berry. These larger strawberries are grown from Mother Nature – with traditional breeding methods, and that's a pinkie promise. Grab yourself some Berry Big Strawberries and try one of our featured recipes. We're answering all your Berry Big Strawberry questions, including where to buy them here.

Berry Big Recipes Created by Your Favorite Pastry Chefs

We partnered with @TheFeedFeed and pastry chefs across the U.S. to create delicious Berry Big recipes. Try out the recipes and tell us what you think by leaving a recipe review. 


Driscoll's stuffed strawberries

Stuffed Strawberries: 3 Ways

Berry big strawberries filled with an assortment of delicious fillings: cheesecake, chocolate hazelnut spread, and rosé gelée.  These sophisticated morsels are perfect for gatherings, intimate evenings, brunches, and so much more.


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