9 Delicious Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will Love

chocolate Dipped strawberries
Whether you’re someone who views Valentine’s day as a commercialized holiday or you love (no pun intended) everything about it, we hope you’ll agree with us that it is the perfect opportunity to make and enjoy some delicious desserts. 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day desserts. Make them on your own to surprise your loved ones with or have fun making them together. Either way, you’ll make the day extra special while sharing the berry joy with your family! 

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered strawberries? There’s nothing like a delicious, fresh strawberry all dressed up for a special occasion. But not just any strawberry will do. Driscoll’s has been in the strawberry business for over 100 years, growing berries with the perfect color, shape and taste for making the best chocolate covered strawberries around.

Not sure how to make chocolate-covered strawberries? We’ve got you (and your berries) covered! Check out these three top chocolatey strawberries below and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quick and easy they are to make — and rewarding to eat.


These are almost too beautiful to eat! Decorated with sprinkles for additional pizazz and placed on a pretty paper straw, these “pops” are festive and delightful. 
 Dipped in chocolate and your favorite chopped nuts, these chocolate-covered strawberries offer a great salty and sweet combo. Not to mention the addition of a nice crunchy texture.
 Looking to dip those healthy strawberries into chocolate that’s a bit more nutritious? In this recipe, you have the option to combine melted chocolate with coconut oil (in place of butter) and coconut milk (instead of heavy cream). Healthier than the original but just as tasty!

 chocolate covered strawberry infograph 

Other Favorite Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Serve one (or more) of the desserts below with your chocolate-covered strawberries and your celebration will have the perfect combination of fun and fancy, giving your day the extra special touch it deserves. 
 We love this version of the classic French custard dessert and we know you will too! Whether you’ve been a long-time fan “pot of custard” (or “pot of cream”) or you have yet to try it, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet flavor the fresh raspberries in this recipe add.
 This dessert is a simply stunning little piece of art! But that won’t stop us from indulging in this amazing treat that lovingly combines the flavor of sweet raspberries with a rich chocolate mousse.
Need a show-stopping gluten-free Valentine’s Day dessert that will please even the pickiest of palates? Look no further. This chocolate ganache tart is made with a gluten-free crust and topped with a heart of fresh raspberries. A dream to look at and even dreamier to eat.
 Ah, the infamous and perhaps somewhat intimidating crème brûlée. Also known as burnt cream, this rich little dessert is traditionally made of a thick custard base and topped with a pretty layer of hard caramel. 
Don’t let the fancy name and look of this French classic fool you though. Instead of needing to place in a broiler or use a culinary torch to “burn” the caramel, we skip that step by simply topping the custard with sliced strawberries and then drizzling with a glaze of caramelized sugar. Easy and delicious — what’s not to love? 
Calling all those who love brownies and strawberries (in our mind, that would be everyone!) With chopped strawberries in the batter and a topping of melted chocolate and sliced strawberries, these brownies are bursting with flavor that will make everyone fall in love with them. They’re versatile too. Bake them in a traditional brownie pan or, to make individual servings, in a muffin tin. Either way, they’ll look and taste wonderful and, of course, be made with love. 
Heart-shaped shortbread sandwich cookies filled with raspberry butter cream? In vanilla and chocolate versions? A picture-perfect expression of love in a delectable little cookie. Enough said.

We hope you’re inspired to make one these berry desserts for Valentine’s Day — or just to elevate an otherwise ordinary day. When you do, we’d love for you to take a picture and share your #BerryTogether moments with us on Instagram or Twitter!