How to Make & Color Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Guest Blogger, Marla Meridith from Family Fresh Cooking™

Around here we LOVE healthy and delicious snacks that fuel our bodies with great amounts of energy. I am known as the Energizer Bunny in the food blogger community. One pal even refers to me as the Triple AAA Bunny - my energy keeps on going!

The perfect snack for me has lots of fresh ingredients (like Driscoll’s Strawberries) and a good helping of dark chocolate always makes things even better!

If you are looking for a great dessert or healthy snack- one that the kids will love too- then Chocolate Covered Strawberries is the perfect choice.

These beauties are simple to prepare and your kiddos will jump at the chance to help you make ‘em.

They are fun for casual snacking, lunchbox treats, kids and adult parties, showers… and really any time at all. Wanna make a play-date memorable… let the kids have a go at this recipe.

There is an elegance to chocolate covered strawberries that cannot be beat. They cost quite a bit to purchase ready-made at candy stores and the market, but are very budget friendly to create on your own. Have you ever seen guests light up when a tray of these beauties is passed around? Oh my it is fabulous!

You can go with a simple chocolate dip. Use your favorite chocolate whether it be white, milk or dark. You can also fancy them up with all kinds of sprinkles, chopped nuts, coconut flake. The sky is the limit. You will find the purists like myself who just want the chocolate and those that want a little more stuff on their berry.

My kids chose sparkly white sugar crystals and rainbow sprinkles. They had as much fun dipping as they had eating these beautiful strawberries.

The nice thing about this recipe is you can make them vegan or not. The choice is yours. For the vegan version use a dairy free chocolate, full fat coconut milk and coconut oil.

For the non-vegan/dairy version you can use a mixture of heavy cream and butter when melting your chocolate. Either way you go, you will be very pleased with the results.

Be sure to show off some of your pretty berries when you dip them (I like to dip 1/2 the berry.)

What toppings do you like to add to your chocolate dipped berries- or are you a purist like me? No matter what you do...remember to have loads of fun!

Click here to get my Driscoll's exclusive Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe or watch Driscoll's video on how to color Chocolate Covered Strawberries! 

Marla Meridith is the creator, editor, food stylist and photographer for her blog, Family Fresh Cooking. She resides in Telluride, Colorado with her two kids and husband.

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