Delicious Easter Cake with Goodness of Strawberries

Brown Eyed Baker's back this Spring with tips on what to make for this Easter holiday using fresh berries.

Spring always feels like such a magical time; without any prompting by us, flowers spring to life, trees grow their leaves, and birds return for morning sing-alongs. Gone is the cold and slush of winter, and it’s replaced by the warm sunshine and feeling of freshness that only spring can bring.

Spring also ushers in an abundance of fresh fruit for most areas that subsisted on apples, pears and bananas for most of the winter. Having beautiful, fresh berries at my disposal is definitely reason to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

I love throwing berries into every possible meal once they come into season – oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, salads, and… dessert, of course! I love the classic flavor combination of a banana split – bananas, strawberry, chocolate – and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate spring or Easter than with flavors reminiscent of summer ice cream.

This cake starts with a basic banana layer cake, which is packed with flavor and incredibly moist. Think banana bread on steroids! The filling is simply just fresh sliced strawberries. The entire cake is wrapped in the most fabulous cream cheese frosting, and then the whole thing is doused with a chocolate ganache. Last, but certainly not least, fresh strawberries on top for an extra pop of berry flavor.

Bananas, strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate… it’s certainly a cake fit for celebrating!

Whether you want an excuse to eat fresh berries again or you’re looking for a special Easter dessert, or you simply can’t resist those familiar banana split flavors, you won’t be disappointed with this extra-special banana cake that has all the fixings.

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Michelle Norris was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and considers herself a sports fanatic as well as a baker extraordinaire. When she's not cheering on her favorite teams, you can find her baking up delicious treats. Discover all her tasty recipes on her blog,

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