Behind The Scenes: Making a Bunny Cake

As a child of a blended family we had a menorah for Hanukkah and a set of tiny wooden bunny figurines that made an appearance every Easter. There was a bunny pushing a wheelbarrow, another dressed in Sunday best carrying a basket of colored eggs and then about half a dozen tiny baby bunnies. They were painted in pastel colors with exquisite detail and I could stare at them for hours. They heralded something special and I think it is these kinds of annual observances that can have an impact – just like looking forward to a Christmas tree or a birthday cake.

This Berrylicious Bunny Cake would be a perfect addition to your Easter table, year after year. While developing the recipe, I didn’t just want the berries to be exterior decoration, so I added chopped berries to the batter for pockets of color, juiciness and flavor. When it does come to the exterior decoration, the berries that you see on the outside let you know that berries are an important component. While the Wilton Bunny Pan makes this recipe super easy, there is a way for you to make a similar cake with two 9-inch round pans. After cooling, level the cakes, if necessary. One 9-inch round pan becomes the face; the other 9-inch pan, with two simple cuts, makes two ears and a bowtie. Follow recipe directions for covering with frosting, coconut and berries. Simple enough to make with the kids.

I am often inspired to create recipes using Driscoll’s berries as the fruit is always flavor packed and adds great texture and color. There is consistency to their flavor and I know I can count on them. Check out all of my recipes I’ve created using Driscoll’s berries.

To see my full collection of recipes, please visit my site month features my Chocolate Caramel Berry Cake using strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.