Are Blueberries Good for Weight Loss?


Each new year inspires us to make resolutions for healthier living. Yours may be to lose the few pounds gained over the holidays. When it comes to losing weight, we all could use a little help.

Did you know blueberries can help you shed weight? That's right. Scientists have begun studying blueberries and their potential to help reduce body fat. While blueberries have been well-documented for their cognitive and cardio-protective benefits, new research suggests that blueberries may change the way we metabolize fat and sugar.

Benefits of Eating Blueberries

Recent study findings suggest that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and storage, helping reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol. When combined with a low-fat diet, blueberries might also lower triglycerides and improve blood sugar levels, each benefits of a comprehensive weight loss plan.

If that weren’t enough to inspire you to enjoy blueberries more often, the little fruit is a source of fiber which has the power to fill you up and keep you full without consuming excess calories.

Virtually all health experts agree current weight control issues plaguing our nation are the result of excess consumption of non-nutritive, highly-refined foods, making blueberries a smart choice for weight loss and maintenance. Sweet, fat-free and delicious, one serving of blueberries provides as many health-promoting antioxidants as five servings of broccoli, a mere 80 calories and a host of vitamins and nutrients. So, enjoy a guilt-free serving each day! And if you need ideas for recipes that incorporate blueberries, just visit our Healthy Recipe file, and start shedding pounds now! Your waistline will thank you.