Don't Break the Cold Chain

Driscoll’s berries have a significant advantage over the competition in terms of shelf life and the condition of fruit because they focus on a number of key factors:

Cold Chain

Growers ensure that berries are picked and packed and sent to the cooler in a timely way. After harvesting, berries go straight to a cooler to preserve freshness. That means that the cold chain isn’t broken from the time it goes into to the cooler and the fruit is cooled down to when it gets to the grocery store.

Stress Testing

Even before a single blueberry or strawberry is harvested, the Berry Innovators have ensured that they’ve grown the most robust and healthiest berries possible, without sacrificing flavor. The secret is that the Berry Innovator test even the tastiest berries to make sure they are hardy enough to endure tough conditions. When testing strawberries, for example, berries are put through a series of rigorous shelf life evaluations to push them to the limits to create separation between good and bad. That means testing strawberries at room temperature for long periods of time and scoring each berry to see how they hold up. Berry varieties are rejected if they show signs of bruising, mold, or desiccation. Only the strongest berry varieties will become the Driscoll’s berries you find in your store.

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