How We Test for the Best

Unlike other companies, Driscoll’s sends its berry varieties to farmers who grow plants that the Berry Innovators determine are of superior quality. That means that every Driscoll’s berry comes from a fruit plant that meets Driscoll’s high standards.

Every time you eat a Driscoll’s berry, you’ll know that it has been bred to maximize flavor, size, shape, firmness and texture (think firm and juicy rather than squishy and mealy). But there are even more traits that Driscoll’s berries have that you might not expect. Berries are also bred and tested for robustness, vigor and great shelf life to ensure that those large, firm, tasty berries maintain all those qualities between the farm and your table.

One of the ways that the Berry Innovators can test the firmness of a berry is through machines specifically designed to measure blueberry firmness and resistance to pressure.

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