A Bite of Happiness

Try eating a berry without smiling. It’s nearly impossible to do. That’s why the results of a third party survey come as no surprise: 85% of people say berries are the happiest fruit.

Watch and discover the secret to berry happiness.



Like joyful moments, Driscoll’s berries are better when they’re shared. Visit our Berry Together page to see how we’re spreading the berry cheer across the country and discover what sharing everyday sweetness is all about.

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Inspiration Behind the Driscoll's Brand

Our brand is inspired by our joyful berries. You’ll find that each unique berry we grow is celebrated in a fresh, colorful palette. While our look is new, our promise remains the same – Only the Finest Berries™.

Notice how we sign our name with a more personalized handwritten feel. You’ll find an iconic Driscoll’s Dot atop the “i” which symbolizes all of our delicious berries. While the Driscoll’s Dot can take on the color of each berry, the main represents strawberries since that’s where our roots began.

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The Pop Icons of the Natural World

To celebrate the wonder of our berries, we created a collection of sweet berry wallpapers for you to show off on your favorite devices. They're free, easy to download, and you can choose from 9 designs to fit your desktop, tablet, or mobile screen.

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