Blackberry Mojitos

Looking for something new and delicious? Give our full-of-flavor blackberry mojito a try! Refreshing mint, luscious blackberries and sweet sugar harmonize to make what's sure to be your new favorite summer cocktail. Invite your friends and show off your new bartending skills-they're to be impressed.

Blackberry Mojitos

Blackberry Mojito

Mojito (pronounced moe-hee-toe) is Cuba's most famous cocktail. It is important that the blackberries and mint in a blackberry mojito recipe are gently muddled - never crushed - to release their flavors but not release harsh or bitter tannins into the beverage. A wooden spoon or firm silicone spatula can be used in place of a muddler. 

Make Yours

We lost count of the compliments we got on these gorgeous and refreshing cocktails during our family reunion!


I made this for guests at my hbby's birthday party and it was a huge hit. The flavor was just right and it looked so pretty in my tall glasses.


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