Fun and Easy Lunchtime Bento Box ideas

Catherine McCord from Weelicious shares a lunchtime favorite for her own kids, Raspberry Tea Sandwiches Bento Box

When making a sandwich to go in my kids' lunch boxes, my first thought is usually to do something savory. But other than a PB&J, have you ever made a sandwich that's on the sweeter side? A sandwich that’s has protein, carbohydrates and fruit all wrapped into one? How about something on the naturally sweeter side like these Raspberry Tea Sandwiches made with fresh raspberries? Pair the fresh and sweet flavors of the raspberries with cream cheese and I’m already weak in the knees thinking about the combination.

I love cutting these sammies into heart shapes because when coupled with the bright pink filling, they become undeniably cute. Not to mention, intriguing to any little one opening up their lunchbox expecting to find another dull meal. But you don't have to use hearts. You can use any cookie cutter you've got to transform these sandwiches into fun shapes like cars, letters, animals and more. I have found that even picky eaters are more likely to taste test the contents of their lunch box when it’s cut into a fun shape. Better yet, let your child choose what shape their sandwich will be cut into for today’s lunch!

Want to make your kids feel extra loved as they open up their lunch boxes? Fill their bento boxes with these heart shaped sandwiches, a big handful of Driscoll's nutritious berries, some of their favorite veggies and a sweet treat to top it all off. Berry sweet indeed!

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In addition to being a mother to two young kids, Catherine McCord is the author of which focuses on quick, easy, nutritious recipes that are made using fresh, but minimal ingredients. 

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