Driscoll’s Speaks Out Regarding Violence Between Protesters and Mexican Government Officials

We are disturbed by the recent violence in San Quintín, and in no way condone these actions. We urge government officials as well as protesters to maintain a productive dialogue, and to work together to resolve differences in a peaceful manner.

We cannot stress enough that Driscoll’s prioritizes and supports the rights and safety of those workers and their families who grow and harvest our berries, even though they’re not employed by Driscoll’s.

We are proud that BerryMex, one of our most trusted growers and largest produce employers in Baja, proactively provided its workers among the highest wages and earning potential in the region, combined with some of the region’s best housing options and access to unique medical programs.

Current media reports, as well as statements shared on social media channels regarding worker conditions are categorically false and inaccurate. We believe in fair and responsible coverage of the facts, and urge people to review BerryMex’s updates which are posted here: http://www.berry.net/company-updates/.

We urge protesters to end the physical intimidation of our growers’ employees and allow these workers access to the fields, so that they are able to provide for their families and rebuild their local community.

For media inquiries, please contact: press@driscolls.com