Berry Donations

Driscoll’s distributes fruit to our communities in two ways: by helping our growers donate berries to local food banks, and by donating berries to community organizations in our growing regions.

Throughout the year, Driscoll’s partners with our growers to donate fruit to local food banks, ensuring distribution of fresh nutritious produce via local pantries and food distribution vehicles. We maintain partnerships with food banks in our growing regions who regularly receive our donated fruit, and during 2017 alone donated nearly 2,000 tons of berries.

Driscoll’s Berry Donation Program allows us to share the joy of berries with our communities during our local production seasons. Eligible public charities like nonprofits, volunteer organizations, and schools located in or near our growing regions in California are invited to apply online to receive up to ten flats of berries per year.

Click here for more information about our Berry Donation Program.

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