The Consumer Advisory Panel

Do You Love Driscoll's Berries?

The Driscoll's Consumer Advisory Panel program is an interactive online community of people who love Only the Finest Berries™. As a member of the Driscoll's Community, you will be able to provide your open and honest opinions directly to key decision makers at Driscoll's. Your feedback will help us to continuously improve Driscoll's current products and develop new products that you want to see on shelves. In addition, you'll get to virtually meet and talk with other members who love Driscoll's berries. In the future, you'll have the opportunity to share recipe ideas, collaborate on new product ideas, and so much more!

Rewards & How to Get Them!

  • Enjoy a berry moment and save the packaging
  • Enter the traceability code on the bottom of your package OR scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Take a quick satisfaction survey online
  • Receive rewards by providing feedback


  • Complete 1 survey and receive 25 points.
  • Complete 8 surveys and receive 200 points which is $2 in rewards.
  • Complete 20 surveys and receive 500 points which is $5 in rewards.
  • Complete 40 surveys and receive 1,000 points which is $10 in rewards.

What's more, each month, four people who participated in a product satisfaction survey during that month, will be selected to win a 2,500 point bonus! To be entered, you must participate in one product satisfaction survey that month (no additional entries will be awarded for additional survey completions). 

Existing members, Want to Take a Survey? 

Your feedback is important to us and helps guide our team to grow Only the Finest Berries™ for you and your family to enjoy! Your survey responses are shared across all parts of our organization, from our plant breeding and R&D group to our quality assurance teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On what date is the community shutting down?

After August 31, 2024, product satisfaction survey will no longer be available.
After December 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to log into the Driscoll’s Community to redeem points.

What are the minimum amounts needed to redeem my survey point balance?

The current survey point redemption thresholds are: $2 for 200 points (8 survey equivalent), $5 for 500 points (20 survey equivalent), and $10 for 1,000 (40 survey equivalent). The opportunity to exchange survey points will display if your account balance meets the minimum threshold requirement.

Who should I contact if I had problems redeeming my points?

If you experience any challenges redeeming your gift card, please send an email to

How can I check my survey point balance?

You may check your points balance directly on the community platform by clicking ‘My Rewards’ and selecting ‘Account Balance.’

Will there be a replacement program for the Driscoll’s Community?

We do not have any announcements at this time regarding a replacement for the Driscoll’s Community. However, you can sign-up for exclusive offers available through our Driscoll’s Berry Rewards Program at
Pursuit of Flavor

Driscoll's makes ordinary moments more special with the most delicious berries. The "Pursuit of Flavor" miniseries goes behind the scenes on how Driscoll's lives up to its brand promise of Only the Finest Berries™. Watch the six-part miniseries to see a rare inside look at our passion of growing great-tasting berries.



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