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Your feedback is important to us and helps guide our team to grow Only the Finest Berries™ for you and your family to enjoy! Your survey responses are shared across all parts of our organization from our plant breeding and R&D group to our quality assurance teams.

As a valued panelist, you are given opportunities to participate in additional research studies and entered in to win a variety of quarterly prizes.

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  • Enjoy a berry moment and save the packaging
  • Use your smart phone and QR code reading app to scan the bottom of the packaging or click here to fill out a survey
  • Take a quick satisfaction survey online
  • Receive a coupon by filling out up to two surveys per day!

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Panel Member
Complete 1-4 surveys and receive a $.50 coupon for every survey.
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Complete 5-15 surveys and receive a $.75 coupon for every survey.
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Complete 16+ surveys and receive a $1.00 coupon for every survey.

Pursuit of Flavor

Driscoll's makes ordinary moments more special with the most delicious berries. The Pursuit of Flavor miniseries goes behind the scenes on how Driscoll's lives up to its brand promise of Only the Finest Berries™. Watch the 6 part miniseries to see a rare inside look at the passion of growing great tasting berries.



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