5 Easy Ways to Eat Berries Everyday

It’s easy to meet your daily, two-cup fruit requirement by combining fruit with vegetables, grains and protein.

New research shows that berries are essential to promoting good health and may even reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.


    Incorporate blueberries or raspberries into a chilled grain salad made with faro, quinoa or bulgur
    Sprinkle raspberries or blueberries over cream of wheat or oatmeal
    Mix your favorite berries into pancake batter or mash them up for a home-style waffle topping
    Incorporate blackberries or strawberries into muffin or quick-bread batter
    Mix berries with steel-cut granola, Greek yogurt and a drizzle of molasses
    Add berries to chilled, short-cut pasta such shells, bowties or corkscrew for a unique twist on macaroni salad

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    Fold berries into an omelet for an unexpected yet delicious surprise
    Cook chicken with strawberries or blackberries and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar
    Mash blueberries into a turkey burger or meatloaf
    Add blueberries or strawberries to shrimp or fish tacos
    Create a raspberry-chili mayo to spread on cod, sea bass or halibut
    Cook pork medallions with apples, blackberries, honey and red wine

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    For a delicious surprise, add blueberries to cole slaw
    Top mixed greens with blackberries, feta cheese and candied pecans
    Blend strawberries into a yogurt-based salad dressing
    Purée raspberries and mix them into mashed sweet potatoes
    Toss cooked green beans with toasted almonds and sliced strawberries
    Garnish roasted vegetables with blueberries or raspberries

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    Make a chilled, mixed-berry gazpacho
    Create a berry "salad" with blueberries, chopped jicama, mint and lime
    Enjoy strawberries with a drizzle of Tupelo honey and a dusting of cinnamon
    Incorporate berries into homemade snack bars or oatmeal cookies
    Whip up a sorbet with fresh raspberries
    Serve blackberries with a splash of orange cordial and a dollop of whipped cream

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    Blend your favorite berries with low-fat yogurt, crushed ice and a dash of vanilla
    Stir strawberries and honey into plain yogurt for a juicy burst of flavor
    Whip up a broccoli-blueberry smoothie with Greek yogurt and cranberry juice
    Whirl assorted berries with baby carrots, low-fat soy milk, crushed ice and apple juice
    Top rice pudding with blackberries, whipped topping and wheat germ
    Incorporate raspberries into frozen yogurt pops

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