Rogelio Ponce Jr.

Sun Valley Berries, LLC Watsonville, California

“Your mind is the only thing stopping you from moving forward. I love farming because each year is different and presents new challenges and opportunities."

Rogelio is a third-generation farmer whose father and grandfather both farmed Driscoll’s berries. He has been a Driscoll’s farmer since 2004. Today, his family farms conventional and organic strawberries, conventional raspberries and organic blackberries on their ranches in Watsonville, California. Rogelio chooses the life of a farmer because of his upbringing; helping his grandfather and father tend their land was a way of life. As a young man, he enjoyed being outside and learning new things. Rogelio and his family have grown for Driscoll’s for three generations because of the family atmosphere they’ve maintained with their independent farmers and Driscoll’s commitment to their farmers and to giving back to the communities in which they farm. And the quality of the berries is second to none! Nobody has better berry varieties than Driscoll’s. Rogelio and his wife, June, are happily married and have a three-year-old son, Iker Ivan, who loves riding tractors, eating berries and being out in the fields. When he isn’t working on his ranch, Rogelio enjoys cycling and volunteering for nonprofits in his local community.