Patrick Sheehy

Los Padres Berry Farms, LLC Santa Maria, California

“As it states in Driscoll’s company values, you need to be passionate about growing berries. You need to try new things every year. You need to go out and talk to your employees every day. And you need to want to satisfy the consumer. Without this burning desire in your heart to do your best, your success will be short-lived.”

Patrick’s grandfather was friends with the Driscoll family. When the Sheehy family decided to farm in the Santa Maria valley, they chose to grow berries for Driscoll’s. The Sheehy family has been farming berries for Driscoll’s since the late 1940's. Today, Patrick farms conventional strawberries and plans to farm raspberries. His greatest sense of achievement comes from tending a simple plot of land until it produces sweet, delicious berries. Patrick likes growing berries, because he knows that he’s providing essential food for the world. Patrick has lived in Santa Maria his entire life. He and his wife Katherine have been married since 1982, and they have two children. Their daughter, Marie, works in public relations in Los Angeles and son James attends Pepperdine University. When they aren’t farming, Patrick enjoys hiking, traveling and food and wine tasting with his family. Patrick is also active in Boy Scouts of America and a member of Driscoll’s Philanthropy team.