Audelio Martinez

Marz Farms, LLC Oxnard, California

Audelio Martinez has been growing berries with his brother Renato Martinez since 1995. These business partners got their start growing for Driscoll’s, but their farming “roots” go much deeper. Both brothers herald from a farming family in Mexico, so tending the land has always been a part of daily life. Audelio and his brother chose to grow for Driscoll’s because they treat their growers as partners and have their best interests at heart. Conventional and organic raspberries, strawberries and some blackberries are planted at his farm. Family is at the heart of their Audelio’s operation. The entire family has worked together as a team to build the business: his father, his mother, his sister and his four brothers. He believes that family unity is the secret to their success. The farm flourishes because they provide each other with love and support. When he isn’t out in the fields, you can find Audelio caring for and riding his horses. He finds this pastime both enjoyable and relaxing.