Labor Standards

Our Commitment

We want employment within the Driscoll’s enterprise to be a source of pride.   We are committed to aligning with our independent growers so that farmworkers are treated with consideration and respect, their workplaces are clean and healthy, and employment within the Driscoll’s system provides a sufficient income to live with dignity.  In order to achieve this we have implemented labor standards, Grower Audits and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Labor Standards

1. Global Comprehensive Standards

Our standards are based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) ConventionsGlobal Social Compliance Program (GSCP) Standards,Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Standards and a collaborative review of agriculture-specific standards from several non-governmental organizations. These standards represent criteria that apply where laws do not exist, are not consistently enforced, or provide lower protection to the workers.

Driscoll’s has always required that our growers comply with all laws and regulations.  In 2015, Driscoll’s adopted additional labor standards that apply to all of our growers globally.

2. Zero Tolerance

Driscoll’s only works with suppliers that not only adhere to applicable local laws but show a commitment to our labor standards.  There is no tolerance for engaging in the following practices:

  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Human trafficking
  • Coercion abuse and harassment
  • Health and safety conditions posing immediate risk to life and limb

All identified issues in conflict with the above standards are unacceptable and must be corrected immediately or will result in termination of the relationship with Driscoll’s.

Independent Grower Audits and Ranch Improvement Plans

Driscoll’s promises and expects an environment of transparency and information exchange between us and our growers with regards to labor policies, practices and conditions.

1. Independent Grower Audits conducted by 3rd Party Auditors

Driscoll’s works with Elevate Global Limited, a renowned 3rd party auditing firm, to conduct audits of our growers in order to ensure that Driscoll’s labor standards are being upheld.

2. Ranch Improvement Plans

If any issues are identified through the audit process growers are expected to work with Driscoll’s to create a Ranch Improvement plan.  The ranch improvement plan identifies specific changes that will be made to bring employment practices on the ranch into compliance with our standards.

Community Development

Driscoll’s has declared our commitment to our labor standards everywhere we grow.  We are committed to working with our growers, regional communities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to develop and enrich the lives of everyone we touch.

As part of our commitment to continually improve our sustainable business practices, Driscoll’s has launched a Fair Trade Certification program in Baja, Mexico. The program brings to market Fair Trade Certified berries grown in Baja. One-hundred percent of the additional funds generated from the sales of the Fair Trade Certified berries will be directed back to the farm workers and their communities for elected community development projects. For more information on the program and Fair Trade USA visit the Driscoll’s Fair Trade Story Page.

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