Strawberry Shortcakes

When you’re craving a summery treat, strawberry shortcake is just the ticket. From family picnics to Fourth of Julys, memories of fluffy cake and sun-sweet strawberries dot our childhoods. Try a creative twist on mom’s recipe, or whip up a comforting classic. Either way, the kids are sure to come running.

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Driscoll’s has been the favorite strawberry in America’s shortcake for generations. Try this timeless and delicious version to discover why.

Bake It Now

Strawberry Shortcake, so tasty you share... then make more to keep!


I attended a college graduation celebration today and took 2 batches of these great treats for guests. They tasted so good, that after the party, I made a 3rd batch to have at home."

— SuzyQ

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Pursuit of Flavor

Driscoll's makes ordinary moments more special with the most delicious berries. The Pursuit of Flavor miniseries goes behind the scenes on how Driscoll's lives up to its brand promise of Only the Finest Berries™. Watch the 6 part miniseries to see a rare inside look at the passion of growing great tasting berries.

hand holding a strawberry