Growing Great People

At Driscoll’s, we’re committed to Growing Great People. This means that we help our employees learn about and support our overall business strategies. We also provide opportunities for individuals to grow their skills in a fast-growing and always changing work environment. Most importantly, Driscoll’s encourages our employees to achieve their career growth and cultivate their personal well-being. Here are some of the Growing Great People programs available to Driscoll’s employees:

Getting to Know Driscoll’s

A workshop designed to acquaint new employees with Driscoll’s Mission and Values, company history, key strategic initiatives and brand promise. The program helps new employees to quickly integrate themselves into the Driscoll’s culture and develop friendships and contacts with other new employees in different departments.

Driscoll’s University

A multi-day learning event to provide employees the opportunity to learn about what it takes to get Driscoll’s berries from “field to fork.” Employees will be exposed to Driscoll’s Production, Breeding and Research process, Product Quality, Food Safety and Logistics. The training also encourages employees to share how their talents and hard work contribute to the growth and success of Driscoll’s.

In-Store & In-Field Programs

A variety of programs offered in the field by Driscoll’s independent farmers or in partnership with Driscoll’s category managed accounts with a focus on increasing deep knowledge of farming issues and practices, trade, merchandising and consumer purchasing patterns.

Driscoll’s also offers opportunities for employees to engage in philanthropic and community based leadership programs, personal development and supervisory and management training.